My Album Soon #Shorts
Acum 11 luni
itzMicahYT Acum 25 minute
KILL0RD Acum oră
CEO Acum oră
CEO Acum oră
Kadian Thompson
Kadian Thompson Acum oră
I know some of the people in the video one of the is my sister dad and uncle and if you don't believe my sister name Raphiana and her is raphi and you hear in one of is music video
Legy Plays
Legy Plays Acum 2 ore
Nigga B Drippin
Salim Endris
Salim Endris Acum 2 ore
The diagram is inaccurate was a diagram used by ancient astronomers
ChampagnePaπ Acum 2 ore
best beat of the year
Keryann Cargik
Keryann Cargik Acum 2 ore
This song lit as ever..feels like if you're having a bad day, just listen to this & things will turn around
Jay Demi
Jay Demi Acum 2 ore
2k20 was so good compared to 21. It hit so different last summer during quarantine. 🥺
Keryann Cargik
Keryann Cargik Acum 2 ore
I'm at work listening & feels like i'm gliding on air.....
Chris Amadi
Chris Amadi Acum 2 ore
Does gunna actually call thugger by 7am in the morning 😂😂😂
Samurai Jo
Samurai Jo Acum 2 ore
one day i will buy a car and play this
YSL JP9k陽 Acum 2 ore
tejas Acum 3 ore
Gunna + Guitars = Ez Banger
SR_ bood
SR_ bood Acum 3 ore
I can be a regular pedestrian
Gilmar Costa
Gilmar Costa Acum 3 ore
Oh okay okay 🔥🎶
BT03 Acum 4 ore
If you here in 2021 , OG fosho
insider19802011 Acum 4 ore
Cyrus Britt
Cyrus Britt Acum 4 ore
Idk why but I get Quentin Tarantino vibes when I hear this song
Zinxis Anderson
Zinxis Anderson Acum 4 ore
why is this only at 1 million views? song mad slept on
Jermaine Miller
Jermaine Miller Acum 4 ore
Bomboclaaath gunna dis maaad !!!
Decedes Trizzle
Decedes Trizzle Acum 4 ore
👌👌👏👏🔥🔥 Gunna .King Slime's Best Friend 😁😁😁
Mac Sanders
Mac Sanders Acum 5 ore
couldnt understand a word this man said
DragonStars50 Acum 5 ore
Making an amv on this godly track 🔥
Marcos Felipe
Marcos Felipe Acum 5 ore
Nice <3 , <3
Leo BE
Leo BE Acum 6 ore
1:06 is discribing this song very good
MoistMalone Acum 7 ore
Why didn’t Travis keep going with the flow on the last line of his verse 😭
eddy edir
eddy edir Acum 7 ore
Remo Cabaltera
Remo Cabaltera Acum 8 ore
my top 3 off the album is Dollaz On My Head, Nasty Girl / On Camera, and Met Gala
Remo Cabaltera
Remo Cabaltera Acum 8 ore
damn time flies so fast
Remo Cabaltera
Remo Cabaltera Acum 8 ore
do someone still coming back here?
Quincy Morrison
Quincy Morrison Acum 8 ore
The intro sound like tory lanez motorboat lol
Highstar clips
Highstar clips Acum 9 ore
Highstar clips
Highstar clips Acum 9 ore
KOOLIO KY Acum 9 ore
But will gunna take over 2021 like last year??🧐
Flair Jordan
Flair Jordan Acum 9 ore
The whole album is aging well.
0_o Acum 10 ore
lets all thank frank ocean
vludik sport
vludik sport Acum 12 ore
Shiiiiiish its GOD FLUTE🥵💔🛸
Money BagZ
Money BagZ Acum 13 ore
Looked the time it was crunch
U Dario
U Dario Acum 14 ore
G af
Patty Luna
Patty Luna Acum 14 ore
2021 this Still sum gas 😭🐐
yaboi thorfin
yaboi thorfin Acum 14 ore
3:45 hit diff!
Geno Go Beats
Geno Go Beats Acum 15 ore
you know how many people sleeping on this song lol...
Kay Money1
Kay Money1 Acum 15 ore
Use to rap this when I was in county don’t give up!!
Some Guy
Some Guy Acum 15 ore
I *need* a sc6ut edit of this.
Omar Acum 15 ore
Who here 2021
ń é p t ú ń é ?᷈
ń é p t ú ń é ?᷈ Acum 16 ore
Jarek Breckenridge
Jarek Breckenridge Acum 16 ore
Smoothest ride ever 🌠🌊
SnagginAnt- Acum 16 ore
DRIP OR DROWN 3??? Or Drip Season 4🔥🔥🔥🔥
Last First
Last First Acum 16 ore
I’m truly a ysl fan and a faithful family listening member 🔥🔥🔥💯
Arnav Bhardwaj
Arnav Bhardwaj Acum 17 ore
Auston matthews!!!
Vivaan Warrier
Vivaan Warrier Acum 17 ore
Who still vibing to this tune
Christian Azanedo
Christian Azanedo Acum 17 ore
Gunna wasn’t lying when he said “Yung Gunna Gunna I’m in my prime”🔥
Dubem Nnake
Dubem Nnake Acum 17 ore
ask my people they gone day i'm 1hunna‼️
Jeff Acum 18 ore
Einfach Ka Je beat von Dardan die Anfangsflöte.
Ronald Peterson
Ronald Peterson Acum 18 ore
Cambridge against the world okay dre I see you
GANESH Acum 18 ore
A hole different gunna now he evolved his sauce on Music for real🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dlanod Gordon
Dlanod Gordon Acum 18 ore
Bruh the part where it slowed down man felt like I was in space✨0:45
Calm Adventures
Calm Adventures Acum 18 ore
Absolute diamond song, guess there's too much dirt around
Glenn McKnight
Glenn McKnight Acum 19 ore
Yeah definitely boutta be hard🔥🔥
Fa'a Devine
Fa'a Devine Acum 19 ore
put flashy & bossy on the album
Jonathan Hudson
Jonathan Hudson Acum 20 ore
Gunna the goat
TopFliGHt Acum 20 ore
Bra just made my whole year with this 30 sec snippet on god I’m smoking bobbing my head hard asf making the stank face
yung bum
yung bum Acum 20 ore
tiktok ruin songs
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos Acum 20 ore
K F Acum 20 ore
Ready for a classic
YSN matt
YSN matt Acum 21 oră
Algún dj que haga este tema rkt?
Quiso 309
Quiso 309 Acum 21 oră
Love & I Lust
Molly San
Molly San Acum 21 oră
Toxicvlxne Acum 21 oră
abdulaziz awad
abdulaziz awad Acum 21 oră
Thatnigga Kyle
Thatnigga Kyle Acum 21 oră
Defense mechanism:The Bodyguard and my slime's.
Dave Preacher
Dave Preacher Acum 21 oră
Another gunna album? 🤤🤤😱😱
Shaynequia Turner
Shaynequia Turner Acum 22 ore
Who still listening 2021
Thatnigga Kyle
Thatnigga Kyle Acum 22 ore
I need me a fatass too squeeze I like when she get on her nee's........................
Tom Newman
Tom Newman Acum 22 ore
Why’s this only got 3.4 million views it’s an absolute beat
Shaynequia Turner
Shaynequia Turner Acum 22 ore
Who still listening 2021
Torian Yarbrough
Torian Yarbrough Acum 22 ore
# the drip
Torian Yarbrough
Torian Yarbrough Acum 22 ore
Spur wood