Gunna - DOLLAZ ON MY HEAD (feat. Young Thug) [Official Audio]

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The official audio for Gunna’s “Dollaz On My Head” featuring Young Thug from his “WUNNA” album - Out Now!
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℗ 2020 Young Stoner Life Records / 300 Entertainment

Salim Endris
Salim Endris Acum 2 ore
The diagram is inaccurate was a diagram used by ancient astronomers
Marcos Felipe
Marcos Felipe Acum 6 ore
Some Guy
Some Guy Acum 16 ore
I *need* a sc6ut edit of this.
Samrajya Basnet
Samrajya Basnet Acum 7 Zile
People starting to understand how good thug really is
Gang time
Gang time Acum 10 Zile
how does Gunna only have a milly sub
Gang time
Gang time Acum 10 Zile
Andrei Papuc
Andrei Papuc Acum 13 Zile
pentru varu alessandro
João Pedro
João Pedro Acum 15 Zile
1:25 speed
Conny Syre
Conny Syre Acum 17 Zile
Best song in the album....
Trezor Onyash
Trezor Onyash Acum 19 Zile
We need a gunna concert in kenya🇰🇪💯🙏
Vero Ashley
Vero Ashley Acum 18 Zile
My favourite artist so far😍
Terry Akello
Terry Akello Acum 18 Zile
Gunna all day❤️💙💙
Terry Akello
Terry Akello Acum 18 Zile
Yes please gunna🙏😌
Skr. Tesh
Skr. Tesh Acum 18 Zile
Yes gunna to kenya❤️
Andru W
Andru W Acum 18 Zile
Nor R
Nor R Acum 20 Zile
This is a rideing his wood 🪵 down 285 sH7? Real setting in his lap 😉😝
Nor R
Nor R Acum 20 Zile
I got some 💀under my bed said rock me kid 😵
owen shepard
owen shepard Acum 22 Zile
this song represents last summer
Desmond Johnson
Desmond Johnson Acum 17 Zile
Hildah Juma
Hildah Juma Acum 23 Zile
So Gunna is a Gemini🥰
Em Pythons
Em Pythons Acum 27 Zile
Drinking landed
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Acum 27 Zile
This song will be on EVERYBODY’S recommended very soon...
only here
only here Acum 29 Zile
Lil Wayne Raped this beat this song is nothing lol
-The dog- Brian Griffin
-The dog- Brian Griffin Acum lună
So many good hits gone to shit bc of features. He should do his thing solo its always better! This dude flow is unmatched.
Syze Acum lună
hug it from the tip
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Acum lună
BLACKS MEXICANS AND NATIVE AMERICANS AND JAMAICANS 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research 12 tribes of Israel
Connor Mcgarity
Connor Mcgarity Acum lună
This song goes hard
Connor Mcgarity
Connor Mcgarity Acum lună
It song goes hard
Eric Wilkerson
Eric Wilkerson Acum lună
뚠형 Acum lună
2021년에도 출첵~
Andrew Donjon
Andrew Donjon Acum lună
Jason Mac Jones Jones
Jason Mac Jones Jones Acum lună
Marcus Wong
Marcus Wong Acum lună
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KENNY GRAY Acum lună
Souper Acum lună
The noisy men echographically work because pin affectively trick with a hollow dahlia. large, right alarm
TSM_ TheSniper_YT
TSM_ TheSniper_YT Acum lună
TSM_ TheSniper_YT
TSM_ TheSniper_YT Acum lună
Dav Acum lună
lov this song
stxn Acum lună
goddamn its already been 9 months time go fast
JBK G Acum lună
Damn remember wen he dropped this
Benjamin Cassidy
Benjamin Cassidy Acum lună
March 2021 check
Alaina Edington
Alaina Edington Acum lună
Gerardo Medina
Gerardo Medina Acum lună
with weed this song has a different vibe
Song goes harder than my mom throwing a remote at my head
Lumen Cosmo
Lumen Cosmo Acum lună
Souper Acum lună
The plucky space histologically crawl because dream puzzlingly live besides a third plant. furry furtive, ill-fated engineer
Mahlatsi Glenbooi
Mahlatsi Glenbooi Acum lună
Opps playing dead but they still got hit 🔫
sam b.
sam b. Acum lună
i used to be soooooooooooooooo addicted to this song, and i still am.
Hard Hit Chris
Hard Hit Chris Acum lună
this song was so good until 3:18
Marcus yeah
Marcus yeah Acum lună
The infamous partner cephalometrically work because root exclusively announce past a angry rose. crazy, snotty wasp
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega Acum lună
I listen to this song every time I hang out with Molly
fwd105 Acum 2 luni
The melody, where is it from... heard it on another track
Ebrahim Dhedhi
Ebrahim Dhedhi Acum 2 luni
Anyone else getting 2016-2017 vibes or is it just me?
Yahir Santiago
Yahir Santiago Acum 2 luni
The beat go harder than my mom's combo attacks
T Y Acum 2 luni
This pretty alright ok! ROkeyr turned rapper!
russell cavender
russell cavender Acum 2 luni
I got Jagermeister in my fridge
Elaina ;
Elaina ; Acum 2 luni
This is my calling I want what I deserve that you people get to call shots on right let’s see then since you act like you can’t hear
Elaina ;
Elaina ; Acum 2 luni
Yep everything Gunnas come with better best believe not lol
Aron Bereket
Aron Bereket Acum 2 luni
Thuggas verse tho! Addictive af.
Isaac Gwun
Isaac Gwun Acum 2 luni
gunna is one of the only mainstream rapper i fw
Maura Rhaine
Maura Rhaine Acum 2 luni
Silas Beacom
Silas Beacom Acum 2 luni
Broke and cant be fixed
Trappie Huncho
Trappie Huncho Acum 2 luni
More like dollaz on my head feat Young thug and Alvin and the chipmunks
Nacole lelani
Nacole lelani Acum 2 luni
✨🌹 rose gold ornaments 🌹✨
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson Acum 2 luni
This was on my local radio for just one month idk why
Ismael Smai
Ismael Smai Acum 2 luni
My favorite song at the moment
AJ Acum 2 luni
“ Pradaaa What I said” lik Gunna changed the game wit that , or unless it’s been said befo
Grim Reefer
Grim Reefer Acum 2 luni
"I got skeletons in my closet and they scared of me and shit". Classic line and song
Smilie SOxKOLD
Smilie SOxKOLD Acum 2 luni
The mellow guilty beautifully consist because archer literally strip aboard a impolite division. scientific, eminent karate
ThurAcidPainasaurus Rex
ThurAcidPainasaurus Rex Acum 2 luni
1:46 “Bestie, bestie! I just hit my friend told her catch me, catch me” 😎 I feel that Thugg
Neev Shah
Neev Shah Acum 2 luni
youtube channel called Neev ON YT
Neev Shah
Neev Shah Acum 2 luni
love this song who playing fortnite here? if u are playing friend request Neev24_on_YTツ
Rosalina Uribe
Rosalina Uribe Acum 2 luni
Chance Schuler
Chance Schuler Acum 2 luni
Wink 😉
Faze Elimz
Faze Elimz Acum 2 luni
Me: I'm adding this to my playlist
Brett Farmer
Brett Farmer Acum 3 luni
Yal Can't stop us....We be All in ya Heads..... ♊ Falifee...
NoCap 757
NoCap 757 Acum 3 luni
2021 anybody??? 🔥
aqil rifqy
aqil rifqy Acum 3 luni
staight fire
ZtraPx Acum 3 luni
wow :o
drippy xxkid
drippy xxkid Acum 3 luni
Whats his zodiac sign I see two but ight
Rayan Elias
Rayan Elias Acum 3 luni
Pull up with a stick😭literally all month playing this everywhere i go😂 like if WUNNA is a dope album🔥
ps4 kid
ps4 kid Acum 3 luni
Redhuan Amar
Redhuan Amar Acum 3 luni
1.25x speed more lit
nehamiahtorres Acum 3 luni
Who still here I. 2021
Laura Cardenas
Laura Cardenas Acum 2 luni
Me tooo
Jacob Sweet
Jacob Sweet Acum 3 luni
Still coming back. Yessir!
Sem Alce
Sem Alce Acum 3 luni
don't say "who was here sense May 2020" because we haven't left
Jacob Sweet
Jacob Sweet Acum 3 luni
Cedi Santo
Cedi Santo Acum 3 luni
The swift windscreen enzymatically afford because bee briefly burn toward a wet ferry. young, tense sink
Заработак в интернете
Заработак в интернете Acum 3 luni
Кизару твой сын?
Joseph Legendre
Joseph Legendre Acum 3 luni
Brett Clark
Brett Clark Acum 3 luni
Love this song bro but what’s ass is my sign is Gemini and my ex’s sign is Leo smh why those two signs in together!?!?🤣
Ted Acum 3 luni
Bruh I was in a shop at the mall and they played this on the speakers and it was like heaven
Boogie Acum 3 luni
Jordan Pavlic
Jordan Pavlic Acum 3 luni
this just sounds like a remix of skybox
marissa barragan
marissa barragan Acum 4 luni
Gemini ♊️
Ronaldo Perez Gomez
Ronaldo Perez Gomez Acum 4 luni
Arriba la rosa 53 Rony G
Hunter Kennedy
Hunter Kennedy Acum 4 luni
this song is a straight masterpiece
TIGGER Acum 4 luni
NRG_ Kirill
NRG_ Kirill Acum 4 luni
When the beats good but lyrics are basic trash😂💥💯🙌🏼👌🏼😤
ThaDon 2021
ThaDon 2021 Acum 4 luni
This is called singing on auto tune not rapping but anyways it’s lit and that’s why I’m bumping it now 🎧
Some Guy
Some Guy Acum o Zi
sEreous INStruMents
sEreous INStruMents Acum 4 luni
lil dude got somethin original . not even cappin
Mystic Mac
Mystic Mac Acum 4 luni
james knight
james knight Acum 4 luni
Who still watching in 2021?
Valentine Acum 4 luni
This song has a secret baby voice carti feature
Isaiah Jaivam
Isaiah Jaivam Acum 4 luni
Moses Kairu
Moses Kairu Acum 4 luni
Gabi Gonçalves
Gabi Gonçalves Acum 4 luni
alguém brasileiro aqui?? e qm também veio pelo tik tok? eu vim pelo tik tok da riele dows Minha idola americana kkkkk curte e comenta qm veio pelo tik tok e quem não tb kkk
Denise Oliveira
Denise Oliveira Acum 2 luni
Sou brasileira amo ela minha idola
Denise Oliveira
Denise Oliveira Acum 2 luni
Euuuuu também
Erick Ludwig
Erick Ludwig Acum 4 luni
...... ... ... . ..... wayne and euro did better... .. ... sorry not sorry.
Son-Thad Acum 4 luni
wer ist auch hier wegen justins top 15 tracks?
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